Can I provide my customer with a statement of all invoices and payments?

Currently, Recurly offers the following options to provide your customers with their invoices/payments. 

1. You can go into each invoice on the account and under the invoice actions dropdown menu at the top right-hand side, download the PDF version of the invoice to send them to your customers as needed. 

2. If they just need the numbers without the actual invoice you can pull an Invoice-Summary Export for all time and sort by the account_code to locate their account and send the details in an excel file to your customer. 

3. Last, you can enable the Hosted Account Management page with the customer access set to account login. This option is located on the left-hand side of the user interface under Configurations then, Hosted Page Setting. Once enabled, you can provide your customer with their Hosted Account Management URL located at the bottom right-hand side of their account in your Recurly site so that they are able to view and download the invoices as needed. 

4. Additionally, if you have the account login option enabled under Hosted Page Settings, your Recurly emails can be customized with the account_hosted_maintenance_url parameter. This places the Hosted Account Management Login Token URL in the email that the customer can click on to enter their account directly and view their invoices/payments.