How do I prepare for Brexit?

As Brexit takes effect in December of 2020, many merchants have made efforts to prepare for its impact. Recurly partners with tax experts at Avalara to ensure sites can successfully tax customers with the correct live rates and according to the latest regulations.

As Brexit approaches, you will not have to take action for tax rate updates. Avalara will apply applicable changes at the time required by regulations, and these changes will take immediate effect in Recurly.

Adding Additional VAT Numbers

If you are required to add an extra VAT Number for a nexus you have in the United Kingdom, you can do this in your site's tax settings. Visit your Configuration > Taxes menu, and then click "Tax Settings" at the top of that page. 

You will find a section called "International Invoice Compliance Settings" which allows you to add a country and related VAT or Registration number. 


When this feature is configured, it will display your company's associated VAT number for invoices in that country.

Additional Help

If you have further questions or issues around VAT, reach out to for help.