How to add Coupon Code to Hosted Plan URL and pre-populate Coupon Field

Interested in having your customers click a link from your website and be redirected to the checkout page that already includes the coupon code? This can be done very easily by following these simple steps!


Step 1- Ensure the coupon code box is checked in your hosted page settings by going to Configuration/Hosted page SettingsScreen_Shot_2020-09-30_at_2.54.14_PM.png

Step 2-  Go to Configuration/Plans and choose your Plan you would like to add the Coupon Code too and on the right side of the page you will see Hosted Page URL which looks like this: 


Step 3- Now you can add the following to the URL making sure to change 10off to the coupon code you wish to add ?subscription[coupon_code]=10off. For this example, my coupon code is named Annual2 so this would be changed to ?subscription[coupon_code]=Annual2. Now you can attach this to the end of the Hosted plan URL from Step 2 and it would like this:[coupon_code]=Annual2 


Step 4-Click on the link and ensure the Coupon Code field now contains the coupon code



Step 5- Now you can complete the new sign-up! Keep in mind the discount is not shown until you click on Subscribe and redirected to the Subscription Confirmation page.