Can I use a proxy with a v3 Client Library?

We do not currently have any official support for proxy configuration in the client libraries. That said, there is an official way to view the raw response. We're currently working to build this out to include the request as well.

The raw responses can be obtained on any operation result by way of the getResponse()method, which will return an instance of the  Response class:

Here's an example of the getResponse() usage:

  $account = $client->createAccount($account_create);
  echo 'Created Account:' . PHP_EOL;
  $response = $account->getResponse();
  echo "HTTP Status Code: {$response->getStatusCode()}" . PHP_EOL;
  echo "Recurly Request-Id: {$response->getRequestId()}" . PHP_EOL;
  echo "Raw HTTP Response: {$response->getRawResponse()}" . PHP_EOL;
  echo "JSON HTTP Response:" . PHP_EOL;

The branch hasn't been merged yet, but the process to add logger support to the client (which can be configured to log req/res + headers) can be viewed here: