Can I use one login for multiple Recurly sites?

You can set up your Recurly user profile to login only once and gain access to multiple Recurly sites—such as your Production site, Development site, and Sandbox site as that same user. This feature is available to sites on all Recurly plans.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Create your new Recurly site from 
    • You should not be logged in to an existing site when creating the new one.
    • The new site will initially require a unique email address for signup.
  2. Once logged into your new Recurly site, navigate to the Admin menu > Users to invite your primary email address that you wish to use across all sites.
  3. Check your email and accept the User Invite.

Once this invite is accepted, you will be able to log in as that primary user and then jump between Recurly sites quickly, using a dropdown menu below the Recurly logo.



If your Elite plan includes multiple sites under the same billing agreement, you can reach out to your CSM to have the new site added under your contract. That billing arrangement is not required for the single login feature described above.