How can I setup advanced tax details?

Some businesses have a specific tax obligation based on the product type, locations, or customers they work with. These aspects may be handled through specific tax codes for plans or items, additional jurisdictions where they must collect tax, entity use codes to identify certain customers, or custom rules for tax rates.

Our in-the-box tax feature is a simple approach to the most common tax requirements across the scope of our merchants who use it. We support a limited number of countries and tax codes, which may not serve the more complex requirements.

In that case, we also offer a direct integration with AvaTax Pro, which will open up additional options for tax configuration. Once connected, your plans and items will have a Tax Code field, customer accounts will have an Entity Use Code field, and you can enable numerous additional countries and configure your Custom Rules in the AvaTax dashboard.

If you need to collect tax in a country that is not currently listed in your Recurly tax page, or if your country has more advanced tax requirements around the date, product type, or entities, then AvaTax Pro may better serve your needs. Feel free to reach out to to talk with a tax specialist with any additional questions.