Why am I getting an invalid address error when I try to refund an invoice?

If you’re trying to refund an invoice in the Recurly console and get the error “The address provided is invalid, could not determine taxing jurisdictions”, the refund is being blocked due to an address discrepancy between the invoice address and the address-based tax rate tables. First, check to make sure the invoice address is complete and represents a real address!

If the invoice address is accurate, recent changes to this tax jurisdiction might be causing this issue. When issuing a refund in the Recurly console, that refund is previewed before it is submitted. Previewing allows you to view the invoice details, including estimated tax, before you post it. However, our tax rate table used to preview the invoice can occasionally get out of sync with very recent changes to the official tax rate table managed by our tax service. In this scenario, an address that was taxed correctly using the official tax rate table for the initial charge might run into trouble previewing a refund using our tax rate preview table.

To circumvent the invoice preview process, post the refund via our API using either the Refund/Void Line Items or Refund/Void Open Amount endpoint. This process will pull taxes directly from the official tax rate table without providing a preview, and will thus avoid any temporary discrepancies in the tax rate preview table. If you need additional help, reach out to our Support Team here.