Do you plan to support DMARC soon? We have set our domain to quarantine 100% but it doesn't pass DMARC.

Recurly does not have any plans to support DMARC, but you can work around this by doing the following:

  1. Creates a subdomain on your existing domain that will be used specifically for Recurly emails, such as This email would be included in the From email setting of the email templates.
  2. Within the DNS configuration of your new subdomain, create a DMARC policy record that includes the attribute p=none. That policy will neither set a Quarantine or Reject policy action in the email header and the email would be routed to the end-user recipient's email server.
  3. The end-user would then need to set their email account spam filter to permit emails from
  4. Once the email arrives at the end-user's email server, their Spam filtering configuration will permit the email (from, to ultimately be delivered successfully into the end-user's inbox.

NOTE: Do not use recurly in the subdomain of the contact emails under Configuration - Site Settings -  Advanced Settings - Email Settings. (For example, is not acceptable, but is.)