How do I find the percentage of total recovered revenue via Customer Updates?

To find the percentage of total revenue recovered from Customer Updates, you will collect a couple pieces of information:

1) Identify all Purchase transactions marked as "Declined" as these are transactions whose associated invoices have entered the Dunning Cycle. 

- To get this data, you will need to download the Transactions export. Once downloaded, go to the Type column and remove all types except for Purchases. You will use the Status column to filter out all statuses except for Declined.

2) Utilize the Invoices - Summary export to look up the recovery_reason and filter out all reasons except for "customer_updates". You can then divide the total purchase transactions by the total number of invoices recovered thanks to Customer_updates. 


* Keep in mind that revenue recovered is attributed to the day, week, or month when the invoice was created rather than when it was recovered. So, if an invoice was created on March 20, 2020 and not recovered due to a customer update until April 3, 2020, that recovered revenue would be attributed to the month of March 2020, not April, since that is the month that the invoice was created in. This means that when looking at declines via the Transactions export, you'll have to use the invoice_id to identify the corresponding invoice in the Invoices - Summary export and then cross-check the date the invoice was generated so that you can attribute those declines charges to the correct invoice and month.