How can I calculate Reactivation MRR?

What is reactivation MRR? It is MRR contributed by an account this month when the account contributed $0 in recurring revenue last month BUT has contributed >$0 sometime previous to last month. A gap of at least one month where the account had $0 MRR is required prior to the reactivation. If a subscription was not added back to the same account, we will not be able to recognize it as "Reactivation."

We currently don't have an export that will easily expost the underlying numbers for this export. However, you can use the following method to get an idea of what could be causing your Reactivation MRR metric to increase or decrease. Here's how: 

For this metric, you would want to download the Subscriptions export (Status: All, Time Range: All Time) and once opened, check the account_code column for duplicates. In this case, you'd want to keep the duplicates, and delete all other subscriptions, because reactivations would need at least two subscription listed here to be counted toward that metric = the expired subscription(s) and the new subscription. Once the single subscriptions are deleted, you'd go through the duplicates and check 1) their current State and 2) the activated_at and expires_at columns. 

For example, if both subscriptions are in an Active state, then you would delete these from the list because these are not reactivations. You'd have to have at least one subscription in Expired state and another in Active to move forward. Once you have confirmed that, you would check the expires_at date of the Expired subscription and then activated_at date of the Active subscription. There must be a gap of at least one month between these two dates for the new Active subscription to be considered Reactivation MRR. If you confirm that, then you can keep that Active subscription (and delete the Expired one). 

Once you have gone through the list, you can use the Amount column to sum up the reactivations.