How do I calculate Expansion MRR?

What is Expansion MRR? It is a positive change in an account's contribution to MRR when compared to the previous month. Common reasons for this are: subscription upgrade, a coupon or credit being exhausted and causing the total subscription amount being paid to increase or an account adding a second subscription.

We don't currently have an export that will easily expose your underlying data, but we do have some exports that can help you get an idea of what events may have caused your MRR to go down. here are a few ways you can do that:

To find the subscription upgrades, you would download the Subscriptions - History export as this report shows every change that is made to a subscription. I suggest using the "version_total_recurring_amount" column to compare the different subscription versions to see which ones have "upgraded" or added another quantity. If you don't have this export enabled on your site yet, contact our Support team to get this turned on.

To find the subscriptions with expired coupons, you can download the Coupons - Redemptions export, and more specifically, the "expires_at" column. If the coupon has expired, then the subscription price has increased and that would also count toward Expansion MRR.

To view credits that have been exhausted, you can download the Adjustments export and then use the "adjustment_type" column to view credits only. To confirm that the credit has been exhausted and there are no carryforward credits left, you can use the "adjustment_status" column. Any uninvoiced credits will show up as Pending. If there aren't any pending, then the credit has been exhausted for that account and you can expect the revenue to go up next month and contribute to Expansion MRR.