How can I calculate the total of New Subscribers myself?

 To clarify what we mean by New Subscribers in the Subscribers Analytics dashboard:

A subscriber is considered "new" if they are creating their first subscription.

  • Download the Subscriptions export (All: Subscription status, Time Range: All Time)
  • Once downloaded, you can use the account_code column to check for duplicate account codes, which would mean that the account has had more than one subscription on their account, and therefore would NOT count as a New Subscriber. 
  • Remove ALL subscriptions with duplicate account codes from the export. 
  • Use the activated_at column to remove all dates prior (and after) the time range you are currently analyzing. For example, if you are looking at New Subscribers for March 2020, you would remove all dates before and after March 1 - March 31 2020 for this column.