Why are invoice dates & times in QBO different from Recurly?

If you're wondering why the invoices and payments in QBO are showing a different date than the invoices and transactions in Recurly, it's because Recurly syncs over data in the UTC time zone. 


For example, if a transaction processes at 7pm MST on March 31st, that transaction will show as 7pm MST, March 31st in Recurly, but then sync over to QBO as 1am UTC April 1st. This is expected behavior, however, there is workaround if you need these dates to match. 


What you can do is update the renewal times of all subscriptions that renew on a specific day of the month so that it's early enough to still be the same date in the UTC timezone. 

For example, if a subscription currently renews on the 31st at 7pm MST, this would not work because 7pm MST = 1am the next day (1st) UTC. You would want to update the renewal time for that subscription to 5pm MST because 5pm MST = 11pm UTC time. Therefore, once we sync over the payment, the date will still post as the 31st.