How to pause or postpone a subscription

Determine whether you want to pause or postpone the subscription:


Pause skips a specified number of billing cycles.

To pause a subscription from the subscription details, open the subscription details of the subscription you would like to pause for the next renewal(s). 

      • Click on the Subscription Actions dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page, select Pause Subscription. 
      • A Configure Pause Duration modal will open when clicking the Pause Subscription button. There will be two fields in the modal: 
        • The first field is called Pause Start Date, and is the date the pause will be initiated and the customer will not be charged. 
        • The second field in the modal is called "Number of Billing Cycles to Skip". This field is where you set the number of subscription bill dates (e.g invoicing events) to skip. 
      • Once you have configured the number of billing cycles to skip, click on Schedule Pause to confirm. 

For more details visit Pause a Subscription



Postpone changes the next_bill_date for the subscription and invoices will not be generated until the new bill date arrives. 

You can postpone a subscription via the Admin Console or the API. 

      • In the Admin Console, access the customer's account to view the Subscription Table which is the first section on the page. 
      • In the subscription table, you will see the Current Period and next to it a hyperlink which says Change. 
      • Click the hyperlink and on the page which displays, you will be able to add the date on which you would like the Current Period to end and the Next Bill Date to occur. 
      • Via the API, you would utilize the Postpone Subscription call.

For more details visit  Postpone Subscription