What is the difference between the various Churn analytics?

We understand it can be confusing seeing that difference between our various churn metrics in the Analytics section. This will explain the differences between each figure:

  1. Churned Subscribers report: In this report, a subscriber is considered "churned" if he or she had a subscription(s) previously but now all subscriptions have expired. This metric is based on accounts, not subscriptions, so if an account has 3 active subscriptions and they all churn at the same time, they will only count toward ONE churned subscriber. 
  2. Churned Subscriptions report: This figure counts ALL churned subscriptions and is based on subscriptions, not accounts. So, if an account has three subscriptions and they all churn at the same time, ALL three would count toward the Churned Subscriptions figure. 
  3. Subscriber Retention Churned report: This dashboard only includes paid subscriptions with invoices >$0. Therefore, if you have a subscription with a subscription with a 100% off discount, credit that covers the entire subscription amount, trial subscription or $0 subscription total, it will not be counted in this dashboard in the first place. Thus, once those types of subscriptions expire/churn, they wouldn't be counted in the dashboard's Churned total. Also, this metric is based on accounts, not subscriptions. Only accounts with  >$0 subscriptions whose last subscription has churned would actually count toward the Churned metric. 

For more information on these dashboards:

Subscribers: https://docs.recurly.com/docs/subscriber-report
Churned Subscriptions: https://docs.recurly.com/docs/churn-analysis-report
Subscriber Retention: https://docs.recurly.com/docs/subscriber-retention-report