How to setup a subscription with several months paid upfront?

Let's say you want to offer the option to charge customers for several months upfront and then, after their paid billing period has ended, you want to automatically switch them to a plan to pay the regular monthly fee from that point onward.

We currently don't have an easy way to achieve this out-of-the-box, however, this can be done through the following workaround: 

1) You'll want to setup two separate plans for this solution. One plan will have the upfront cost configured as a Setup Fee and fixed billing cycles for those paid plans. The second plan will have the regular monthly subscription fee and will be added with a future start date. 

2) Example: Plan A: Setup fee of $500 for 5 months upfront, subscription fee of $0, Subscription term: 5 (months) - Added immediately 

3) Plan B: No setup fee, subscription fee $100/month, Subscription term: # of months you want them to commit to, Auto renew. - Set to activate on a future start date. 


In the example above, you'd subscribe the customer to Plan A immediately and set Plan B to start on a future date 5 months later. Once Plan A expires, Plan B would activate automatically.