Can customer prepay for subscription?

Subscribers can prepay for their future purchases and you can collect cash immediately.  This can be managed using the PrePayments feature.  

PrePayments allows the customer to pay in advance and have money added to an account balance which can be used to pay for future subscription and one time purchase invoices. Your customer can  make a prepayment purchase that is immediately reflected in the customer’s account balance. Then as the customer is invoiced, the customer’s prepaid balance is automatically deducted by the invoiced amount. 

How To Setup PrePayments

**Credit Invoices and Only Bill What Changed must be enabled to utilize Prepayments**

Prepayments can be completed in both the V2 and V3 Recurly APIs.

  • For the V3 API, create a Purchase request for a line_item with an "origin" = "prepayment" .
  • For the V2 API, create a Purchase for a charge adjustment with an "origin" = "prepayment".
  • For the Recurly Admin Console, Prepayments are not yet supported. You can always create a one time charge and refund to the account balance if you need this capability in the Recurly Admin Console.

When the purchase request is successful, the amount of the transaction will be added to the Account Balance. All future subscriptions and one time purchases will pull from the account balance until it reaches zero. When the account balance reaches zero, the card on file will be billed for future transactions. If the prepayment purchase transaction fails, the invoice will be marked as failed and will not be collected by dunning.


You can find detailed information on this in our documentation linked below