What does the invalid address error mean?

The address provided is invalid, could not determine taxing jurisdictions

This error is the result of an address problem that prevents the tax service from accurately determining the correct rate to apply. It is most often triggered by an improperly formatted postal code, missing address details, or an incorrect detail in the address. This can also happen for refunds where the customer's address is a military base abroad.


  • Ensure there is no extra space before/after the postal code. A hidden space can cause a postal code to appear as being invalid.
  • Check the postal code for accuracy and proper formatting. For example, if a nine-digit US postal code is used, a dash between the first five and last four digits is required.
  • Confirm that the address is not missing your minimum address requirements (configured in your Site Settings). This setting should match your gateway's requirements. If your settings are configured to collect "Full Address" and you have only postal and country, then this error could occur. Full address is always recommended for the best tax results.
  • If the above suggestions do not help or if address is a military base, contact support for additional help.