How do I use the Adjustments Export to understand add-on price changes?

If you have made, or are planning to make, a pricing change to your subscription add-ons, here is one way to track the result of those changes:

1) Download the Adjustments Export by going to Analytics -> Exports -> Select Adjustments (do not include Uninvoiced Adjustments). You can read more about this export HERE. 

2) Go to the adjustment_product_code column (S) and filter out all add-on codes, except for the add-on which was updated, by highlighting the entire column and then clicking on the AZ Sort & Filter option in Excel.


3) Go to the adjustment_total column (N) and sort from A-Z to remove all other add-on prices except for updated price. For example, if you increased your add-on from $5 to $25, delete all prices except for $25.


4) If you need to differentiate between monthly and annual or quarterly-paying customers, then use the adjustment_start_at and adjustment_end_at columns to determine the duration of that subscriber’s billing cycle. You can highlight the adjustment_end_at column (I) and then sort it from A-Z so that the monthly subscribers are at the top and the annual subscribers are the bottom of the list. 


5) You can then sum up the adjustment_total column to see how much revenue you received from these updated add-ons and compare that total to previous months that you can download separately (Jan-Feb 2019, Feb-March 2019, etc.).