Why doesn't the current month's total in the Revenue Recognition export match this month's billings?

Scenario: You downloaded the Revenue Recognition export and notice that the total for month_1 (or any column between S-AD in the CSV) does not match the total billings you received from that same month, as seen in the Transactions export (or Billings dashboard under Analytics).

What's going on? 

The total that you're seeing for the month_1 column in the Revenue Recognition export will only show the amount of revenue recognized during that time period. It does NOT include of all the billings for that month.

For example, if you had a $120 annual subscription renew on October 1st, then only 1/12 ($10) of the amount that the customer paid would apply to the October 2019 column total since the rest is currently deferred revenue will be recognized throughout the rest of the year.