Does the Recovered Revenue report include one-time charges?

Yes, one-time charges are included as part of the Account Updater method of recovering revenue, but only under specific circumstances. One-time charges are only submitted to Account Updater IF the initial payment fails and the invoice will be in dunning for ~7 days.

To check the length currently configured for your dunning cycle, please go to Configuration -> Dunning Management -> Scroll to the bottom of the email schedule to see how many days will pass before the invoices & subscriptions are either left open & active or failed and expired. 

Let's say you have a dunning cycle length of 20 days and a one-time charge fails upon the initial collection attempt. Then yes, that one-time charge would be included in the Recovered Revenue calculations. 

To elaborate further, one-time charges are NOT included in the retry schedule or expiration date forwarding recovery methods. These methods are only applied to recurring subscription transactions. 

Therefore, only the Account Updater method will include one-time charges, but only under very specific circumstances.