I have a Credit Note allocation error in QBO - what can I do to fix quickly?

Occasionally, you might run into a validation error affecting Credit Note allocation which is challenging to resolve quickly. If it's only affecting a couple of credit notes, then the quickest way to resolve is to manually add the Credit Note in your QuickBooks admin console and then allocate it to the invoice.

To do this, go to your QBO admin console and then:

1) Go to Business -> Invoices

2) Click New Credit Note

3) After you create the new credit note, you'll see it added to the list of invoices on that same Invoices page; open the credit note

4) Click Credit Note Options

5) Select Allocate Credit

6) Locate the invoice it was applied to in Recurly from the list and enter the amount you want to allocate

7) Click Allocate Credit at the very bottom