How can I see all revenue received for a month, as well as charges for a specific plan in one export?

If you need to view all of your revenue for a designated time period as well as have the ability to categorize those payments by Plan Code then...

Your best bet is to use the Adjustments export since it includes all invoiced charges and credits, as well as the plan they're associated with, if applicable.


Once you have downloaded the export for the timeframe you need, what you'll want to do is use the adjustment_plan_code column to filter out all plans except for the annual renewals, or whichever plan you need to look at. 


Once you have filtered the plan, go to the 'adjustment_type' column and filter it to only show 'charge.'  After doing this, go to the adjustment_status column and set the filter to only show 'invoiced.' This will ensure you only view invoiced charges. 


Finally, you will want to make sure that you're only looking at invoices that were actually paid, so go to the invoice_state column and set the filter to only show 'Paid.' This allows you to exclude past due or failed invoices, for example.


This will leave you with a list of paid charge invoices for the specific plan code you configured.