How do I enable a taxable region?

To enable taxes in a region:

  1. Go to Configuration > Taxes
  2. Click "Configure" beside the region you want to enable.
  3. Tick the "Enable" option.
  4. If applicable, select the specific states/provinces you want to enable within that region.

 If you have an integration with AvaTax, you will enable regions within your AvaTax dashboard.

Taxable region start and end dates in Avalara do not have times associated with them. Due to this, if you enable taxes in a region mid-day UTC, it is possible that you will have a customer who was invoiced earlier in the day without tax. In the event that you need to refund them, Avalara will try to calculate taxes on the refund and the refund amount may end up larger than the original transaction collected from the customer. This scenario will throw an error and block the refund.

To avoid this issue, please try to enable new taxable regions and relevant taxable plans around beginning of day UTC. If you do experience this issue, contact Recurly Support.