How do I configure SPF, DKIM or DMARC records?

Recurly sends all emails through (or, and they are sent based on the reputation of our domain. We have public SPF and DKIM, but we cannot do DMARC at this time. We sign the SPF/DKIM to ensure email providers that the emails come from us, making it unlikely to be considered spam. Since the emails are sent based on Recurly's reputation, it's no longer necessary for you to fill out SPF and DKIM yourself.


DMARC Email Signing

In order for emails from Recurly to be delivered, the DMARC policy of the email domain used for your Recurly email must be set to a policy of “p=none”, not “p=quarantine” or “p=reject”.

If you would like to monitor emails sent through Recurly more closely, we recommend setting up a domain for emails sent through Recurly (e.g. and to use a DMARC policy for monitoring.