How do I enable a new Currency?

Multi Currency support is available in the Recurly Professional and Enterprise plans. It allows you to process transactions in more than one currency through one or more supported payment gateways. 

1. Once Multi-Currency is enabled on your site you can easily enable and disable currencies. To enable/disable a currency navigate to Configurations > Currencies and locate the new currency from the list and hover over the three dots on the right to select enable.


2. Once enabled you'll need to configure this currency on your plans and coupons.

3. For Subscription plans go to Configurations > Plans and select the edit each eligible plan with the specified currency rate / plan price per accepted currency.

*Please note Recurly does not perform currency conversion.


4. For coupons the "Discount" field is not an editable field. For fixed rate coupon, you wouldn't be able to update current coupons to apply in a newly added currency. Instead you'll want to create new fixed coupons and be sure to set the discount in all eligible currencies. Percentage coupons don't have a specified currency and should apply to any eligible charge, regardless of currency. 

5. Finally, in order for Recurly to be able to process transactions in a specific currency, your gateway must also be able to process payments in that currency. If a supported currency with your payment gateway provider, you'll want to update your payment gateway as needed to begin processing in the new currency. This process can vary depending on the payment gateway. More on Multi-Currency and Payment Gateway Support