Why is the Recovery Rate graph not populating when I enter a time range > a month?

The reason that data is not populating for the time range you selected is because the Recovery Rate report is calculated on a monthly basis. It will not populate data for time ranges that are > (less than) a month.


For example, if you enter the dates May 13-May 25, 2019, the dashboard will not populate because it only calculates on a monthly basis and therefore, has no data to show for this time range. 


You will need to enter time ranges that cover a whole month for the dashboard to populate. For example, you would have to select June 1 - June 30 (since the month is not complete yet) to view June's Recovery Rate or May 1 - May 31, 2019 to view May's Recovery Rate. If the current month has not completed yet, you would select February 1 - Current Date, for example, to see the calculation