Provide a pricing preview with tax, without collecting credit card information

With the Purchase or Subscription preview API request, the anticipated invoice amount can be previewed for the user without the need to initially collect credit card billing information.

By setting the following parameters in the preview request:

- an account_code (can be any value for the preview)

- the collection_method should be "manual"

- collect the user's postal code and country code as minimal address information and set as the account object-level address. Do not set this information as billing object address information at this time.

When the collection method is set for manual, the system previews tax based on the tax address jurisdiction as defined by the account object-level address.


Once ready to complete the purchase with a credit card:

- set the account_code to one for your permanent use with this user's account

- change the collection method to  "automatic"

- collect the full billing information-level address