Does Recurly support invoicing customers without any billing information?

Yes, while utilizing our manual invoicing feature, you'll be able to create new invoices both through one-time purchases and subscriptions that do not require any stored billing information be present on the customer's account page. For merchants on our Professional and Enterprise level plans, you can set the collection method when creating a new one-time invoice, when adding a subscription to an account, or when editing an existing customer subscription.

The Net Terms for the invoices can also be customized to ensure that the customer has plenty of time to make the payments necessary to close out the invoices. Manual invoices are due the day after its due date. If an invoice is due on receipt, it will be past due 24 hours after it’s created. If an invoice is due net 30, it will be past due at 31 days exactly.

If you would like detailed steps to create an invoice with manual collection, you can find more information on doing so here: