How can I set two accounts using the same Company Name to sync as separate records?

If you currently use Company Name as your QBO Customer Display Name Format, you'll notice that a Duplicate Name error is triggered if you attempt to sync two accounts using the same company name to QBO. The good news is that there is a workaround for this if you want to be able to sync these two accounts as separate records.

To make this happen, you will initially need to change the Company Name in Recurly to allow the account to sync over to QBO and avoid a Duplicate Name error. For example, if the Company Name is "Acme," you'd want to change it "Acme1" or something similar just to allow that account to sync.

Once the account has synced, you can go back to Recurly and change the company name back to "Acme" and it will successfully update in QBO, as well, without affecting the sync or creating a Duplicate Name error.