Which export will show an invoice's recovery data?

If the initial transaction failed but a subsequent one succeeded, you can use the Invoices - Summary export -> recovery_reason column to view the reason for recovery.


Recovery reasons:


  • Expiration Date Changes (exp_date): The expiration date is updated on the account billing information

  • Account Updater (account_updater): If enabled, Recurly's Account Updater checks for credit card updates with credit card providers before a subscription renewal and/or when a one-time transaction or re-subscribe sign-up results in a hard decline. Learn more about Account Updater HERE

  • Dunning Retries (retry): Recurly uses sophisticated retry logic to maximize the likelihood a failed transaction becomes successful.

  • Customer Updates (customer_updates): A prior invoice on this account succeeded due to one of the above reasons.
  • Blank: If the field is blank, there was no attempt to recover revenue -- most likely meaning the invoice succeeded on the first try.

For more information about recovered revenue, we recommend the blog article here.