Why are invoices not mapping to their respective income accounts in QBO?

if you configure the Income Account at the product/service level in QBO, it should assign the desired income account. 

To do this:

  • Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar.
  • Under Lists, select Products and Services.

  • On the Action column of the Product/Service you want to edit, select Edit.

  • From the Income Account drop-down, select the new account.
    (Important: Make sure the inventory item's account Detail Type in the Chart of Accounts is Sales of Product Income or else the Income Account choice will not show up.)
  • If you want all previous use of the item to be changed, mark the box Also update this account in historical transactions. (Note: This box only becomes available after the account is changed.)
  • Select Save and close.


By default, we sync to the Income Account configured in your QBO page in Recurly: https://yoursubdomain.recurly.com/integrations/quickbooks/edit

Once you have updated your products/services income account in QBO, we will sync to that selected income account.