My site is using Credit Invoices. What happens when a refund is declined?

As per our documentation here ( in the event that a refund transaction fails, a credit invoice with an open balance will be generated on your customers account. This gives you a few options, such as retrying the refund transaction, or recording an external refund, so that the refund will still have a record in Recurly. 

Additionally, since the credit invoice does have an open balance the amount would apply automatically to future invoice generated on the customers account if left as is.

To identify these refund credit invoices with an open balance there are a few options:

1.) Using the Recurly Admin Console UI, you can go to the Invoices tab and filter the page by Type = Credit, Status = Open. Or you can use the Transactions tab and filter the page by Type = Refund, Status = Declined.

2.) Via the Exports, you can go to the Invoices - Summary export, and select the export options Invoice Type = Credit, Invoice Status = Open, and then enter your date range. This will give you records on open credit invoices.

3.) Finally if you are using the API, you should be able to filter the invoice results by the 'open' state, then look toward the invoice origin, to see if the open credit invoice is the result of a refund (

Please feel free to reach out to Recurly Technical Support, if you have additional questions on declined refunds or anything else. Thanks