Where can I find the expiration reason for a churned subscription?

To find the expiration reason for your churned subscriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Analytics -> Exports in your Recurly UI and download the Subscriptions - Churned export.
  2. Use the "expiration_reason" column in the export to view the reason the subscription churned. 


Expiration reasons and their meanings:

  1. Canceled: The subscription churned because the customer canceled it. 
  2. Non-payment: The subscription churned because the transaction failed, the invoice went into the dunning process and was never recovered. 
  3. Fixed billing cycles: The subscription churned because it was configured to expire after a limited number of billing cycles (the term) and not renewed.
  4. Tax Location Invalid: The subscription churned because the EU or NZ GST tax validation check failed and the account’s information was not updated to meet the validation check criteria.
  5. Nonpayment_gift: The subscription churned because a gift card amount was exhausted and billing information was not added before the next renewal.
  6. Nonpayment_trial: The subscription churned at the end of a cardless free trial because billing information was not added by the end of the trial. 
  7. Account_closed: The subscription churned because the account connected to that subscription was manually closed through the admin console or API.