Why is an error returned when I attempt a refund?

There could be many different reasons why a refund is declined. Some of the common reasons can be found below:

Attempting a partial refund while the original transaction is still processing with the payment gateway and customer's bank account. Usually it takes up to 24 hours from the creation of the transaction for it to completely settle on a customer's account. If you attempt a partial refund before this occurs, the gateway will usually prevent the refund from being made.

Attempting to refund a transaction past the allowed date set by the payment gateway. All transactions created and processed by a payment gateway have a specific set amount of time where they can be refunded. We've found that the average amount of time for most transactions is about 90 days, but you should check with your payment gateway to confirm.

If neither of these apply to your transaction, please reach out to our support team either through chat or by email at support@recurly.com and our team will work with you to troubleshoot further.