Accepting PayPal Payments In Recurly

Recurly supports accepting of Paypal Payments via a Paypal Business account directly or via Braintree.

Regardless if you choose to process Paypal payments via Braintree or a Paypal Business Account directly you would need to be sure you have the Reference Transaction feature enabled in Paypal/Braintree. You'd want to be sure that is enabled for paypal payments to work correctly in Recurly. 

Please note:  PayPals Documentation appears to state that the Reference Transactions Feature was deprecated since January 2017, with that said PayPal is still able to enable this feature on their end and it is required for you to be able to process PayPal payments in Recurly. Be sure to point out to Paypal/Braintree that you are looking for the Reference Transaction feature (That is different from their recurring transaction feature).

If you are looking to process Paypal Payments via Braintree specifically you would need to use Recurly.js. Specifically we recommend using our Recurly.js v4 to launch the PayPal one-touch checkout flow when using Braintree to process paypal payments. Additional information on PayPal payments via Braintree can be found in our docs here: and in our dev docs here Paypal payments vis Braintree is not supported on our hosted pages.

If you are looking to process Paypal payments via the hosted pages you would want to connect your Paypal business account to Recurly directly, as this will have the Paypal option shown on the hosted pages. When using Paypal Payments via Braintree this is not available and the Recurly.js would need to be used.

We have a section in our docs on accepting Paypal payments that covers all of the important topics found here

Be sure to review the section on Echecks (found here you would want to decide if you want to accept paypal echecks or not and set your settings according. This is important as if not set correctly echeck payments will not be correctly updated.

If you have further questions on accepting paypal payments feel free to reach out to our support team!