How do I create a gift card product?

Create Your Gift Card Product

Recurly currently supports one gift card product that can have multiple preset amounts for customers to choose from.

To create your gift card product:

  1. Go to Configuration > Gift Cards
  1. Click "Get Started"

  2. Enter an Amount and click "Add". We recommend aligning your gift card amounts with your subscription plans/tiers. Consider customers who may have to pay tax. Using a higher amount will help cover possible taxes and may incline customers to buy more of your services or products.

  1. Enter additional amounts if you like. Delete an amount by hovering over the dots at the right of the row and click "Remove". Merchants with multiple currency support will see a dropdown to select the Currency of the Amount.
  1. Enter a Display Name for the gift card, which will appear on the purchase charge and redemption credit line items

  2. Enter a Product Code. This is the product sku.

  3. Enter an Accounting Code. This is the general ledger for your gift card purchase charge and redemption credit accounting.

  4. Upload one design image by clicking "Choose File" and selecting the image from your computer. This image will be displayed in the Gift Card Delivery email template.

  5. Click "Create Gift Card"

  6. Once created, you can view your gift card product details at anytime from the Gift Cards page