How do I implement a gift card program?

Before You Get Started

Before starting any gift card program, it is important that you talk with a legal and financial advisor. There are many laws around gift cards, both at the federal and state level. For example, rules around expiration dates, dormant account fees, cash payouts, and escheatment. Recurly Gift Cards is a tool to create a gift card program, but does not manage your compliance with gift card regulation. You will be responsible for understanding your compliance requirements and maintaining that compliance. Additionally, consider how you will account for unspent card balances within a gift card program, in relation to revenue recognition.

Finally, gift card sales may increase your fraud risk. Gift cards are often bought with stolen credit cards and resold on secondary sites to unsuspecting victims. You may find that a chargeback is for a gift card redeemed by someone who thought they purchased a good gift card. To decrease loss due to fraudulent gift card purchases, we recommend that you evaluate your fraud management tools and processes. Ask us about how we can help you decrease your fraud.

Feature Overview

  • Available with Recurly's Professional and Enterprise plans
  • Full functionality testable in sandbox mode
  • Create one gift card product with multiple amount options
  • Support gift card purchases with a unique redemption code generated by Recurly
  • Allow gift card recipients to redeem the gift card credit for payment on any subscription or product
  • Flexibility to not require a credit card from gift card recipients
  • Gift subscription and conversion tracking