What are the differences between Voids and Refunds?

Refunds and voids are both a part of the transaction refund process. A void occurs when a refund is attempted to be issued prior to the original transaction settling in the gateway and customer bank account. If the original transaction is still processing and a refund is attempted, it will result in a voided transaction being created. Refunds on unsettled transactions simply tells the system to stop processing the original transaction and void it. This is seen commonly if a refund is triggered within 24 hours hours from the date of the original transaction.

If the original transaction has already settled/processed and you choose to issue a refund against it that will result in a refund transaction. A refund occurs after a transaction has settles/successfully processed. If you require additional information regarding a specific refunded transaction, you can reach out to the payment gateway used to process the transactions directly for additional clarification on there ends since they handle the payment processing and may have further insight.