How can I bill my customers on a specific day of the month?

We have a few options that allow you to accomplish billing customers on a specific day of the month:

Future Start Date: With this option, you pass a starts_at parameter in your subscription creation call. The subscription will live in a "future" state until that date passes, at which point the subscription bills and becomes active. This is typically used when you only send out physical goods on a specific date each month. 

Postpone: With this option, you start the subscription immediately, then use the postpone API call to set the next renewal date. This is typically used for box of the month subscriptions, when you want the customer to be billed in full their sign up date (so they receive the first box as they sign up), but then all future billings will occur on cycle with the rest of your customers

First Renewal Date: With this option, you can pass first_renewal_date parameter upon subscription create. This creates a prorated charge immediately, and then the subscription will renew in full upon the set date.


You can find more information and code samples for each of these examples at