Stripe Integration - Account Records Not Synced To Stripe?

You may notice that accounts inside of Recurly do not map to accounts inside of Stripe. Due to our integration, Recurly does not intentionally create Stripe accounts, rather some accounts are created as an unintentional side effect of certain transaction types. For example:

  • credits, coupons, zero dollar invoices do not get sent to Stripe, since there is no transaction information.
  • initial authorization, billing information updates, or new account creation (with credit card data) may trigger account creation inside Stripe.
  • accounts that do not have authorization transactions will not be sent to stripe.

In using Recurly and Stripe together, the intention is that Recurly acts as the "source of truth" for all customer accounts. Stripe acts solely as the payment gateway and will not have all the same data.

We do have any existing feature request for improvements to our Stripe integration which includes the adding ability to sync account records. Please contact our technical support team to get added to the feature request (this allows us to track interest in this and reach out should this get implemented).