How can I manually create verification transactions?

Verification transactions are $1 or $0 transactions created when a customer's billing information is updated on their account without any associated purchases or pending invoice payments. These transactions are then used to confirm that the new set of billing information is billable. There is no way to trigger verification transactions without updating the information on an account however if you manually create a $1 transaction, then immediately refund it in full after the gateway processes it, it would act similarly to our verifications.

To create a new invoice and billing to charge the customer's card in the app, you'll want to head over to the customer's account page and click one "Add Charge". Once the charge is created, you'll either need to continue on the same page to issue the new invoice and transaction or head back to the customer's account page and click on "Generate Invoice" at the top of the page to create it.

Once the invoice and transaction has billed and processed, you can then issue a refund by going into either the invoice or transaction details page and clicking on "Issue Refund". You can find this in the invoices by by clicking on "Invoice Actions" in the top right-hand corner of the page.