Can I edit the amount due on an invoice?

Currently, we do not support editing a invoice in a way that would change the amount due. Please see the list below for all editable attributes currently supported. 

We do have a pending Feature Request for this functionality that our Product Team is tracking merchant interest in. If you would like your interest to be included on this feature request please contact Recurly support  and we'll notify you once implemented. 

Editable Attributes -The below invoice attributes are editable.

PO Number: Always editable if you have access to Recurly's Manual Invoicing feature.

Due On: Editable if the invoice's collection method is manual. Must be greater than or equal the post date and less than 999 days from the post date.

**Changing the Due On may result in the invoice moving from a pending to a past due state, or vice versa. This will pull the invoice into or out of dunning.

Customer Notes: Always editable.

Terms and Conditions: Editable if invoice is not a credit invoice.

VAT Reverse Charge Notes: Editable if invoice was a reverse charge.

Bill To First Name, Last Name, or Name on Account: Always editable.

Note that "Name on Account" is used for invoices issued with ACH (bank account) billing info used as the Bill To on the invoice.

Bill To Company: Always editable.

Bill To Address: Editable if taxes are not enabled on your Recurly site or if the invoice didn't receive a prior tax consideration.

More info on Editable Attributes:

If a customer is not going to pay an invoice and it needs to be written off due to the incorrect amount due, you can Stop Collection from the Invoice Actions dropdown at the top right of the invoice details page. This action will move the invoice to a Failed state and removes the amount from the customer's account balance. Once the invoice has been failed you can recreate it using the “Add Charge” function updating the amount the customer needs to pay.To charge an account in the Admin UI, go to the customer's account and click the Add Charge button above the Charges and Credits table. To configure the line items due and recreate the failed invoice. 

Additional info on Creating Charges: