How can I find chargeback transactions within Recurly?

When a customer files a chargeback, that information is sent back to the payment gateway that originally processed the transaction to be handled by them, it never gets sent back to Recurly that a chargeback occurred. When you are notified by the gateway of the chargeback you can then look at the chargeback notice, on it should be the last four digits of the client's card. If you log into Recurly and search for it under the transactions listing page this will return all transactions made with a card ending in those four digits. From there you can then look at the amount and date shown on the chargeback notice, to narrow it down to the correct transaction.

Please note that there is not a way to adjust the existing transaction's status. We recommend terminating the subscription on the account to expire it right away so that it is no longer active. This will remove the active subscription from their account and you can then make note of the chargeback in the account notes section if you'd like to keep record of that in Recurly.