I’m unable to reset my password, how can I login?

Recurly recommends following a basic troubleshooting guide to try and access your account.

1. If you're not receiving the reset emails please be sure that you're checking your spam folders and if you have any filters in place or funnels that those are checked as well to ensure that the email was not forwarded through to a different address.

2. When receiving the emails and being met with an error after changing the password and attempting a login, we would recommend first clearing your browser's cookie cache and any stored passwords you may have for Recurly. Once that's been done, you'll want to close out and reopen your browser window to then follow through the password reset process to attempt a login.

3. With the above two methods still showing errors, you will want to speak with a registered admin user on your Recurly account and request that they remove your user profile and re-invite you. As long as you're receiving the emails, you will be given a link to setup an entirely new password for the account and login.

If you still have issues with accessing your account even after following these steps, please feel free to reach out to our support team either via chat or at our support email Support@recurly.com and we can assist you further from there.