What is the underlying data used in the Billings analytics report?

The Billings analytics dashboard is currently based off of the same data tracked in the Transactions data export. It will sum the total successful purchases and refunds to be shown on the reporting page.

To calculate your Net Billings:

  1. Once the Transactions export is downloaded, go to the Type column and remove voids. You will then go to the Status column and remove Declines.
  2. Go to the Type column and separate refunds from the purchases. You can copy and paste the refunds to a separate worksheet and then delete from the Transactions export. 
  3. Use the AutoSum function to calculate the total for the Amount column.
  4. Go to the worksheet with the refunds and use AutoSum to calculate the total for the Amount column there.
  5. Subtract the total refunds from the total payments to get your Net Billings.