General Guidelines



Soft declines such as insufficient funds, a generic error, or a temporary hold will be retried by Recurly. Recurly will attempt to use the same payment method. After an invoice fails its first collection attempt and before the Dunning period of that invoice expires, Recurly automatically attempts to collect the invoice using strategies optimized for the type of failure, the nature of the transaction, and characteristics of the customer. In order to optimize the efficiency of our retry schedule, we alter the retry schedule consistently to find the best fit for your business.



Hard declines, such as customer closing their account, cannot be resolved immediately; and subsequent attempts with the same payment method will not succeed. Recurly does not retry transactions with a hard decline.
Exception A: If Account Updater or the customer update billing information (number updated or expiration date updated), then an immediate one-time retry will be initiated.



Try Again/Gateway Error
Every 2 days*

Issuer or Gateway Unavailable
Every 3 days*

Communication/Configuration Error
First retry up to 2 times, 4 hours apart
Next retry up to 6 times, 1 day apart
Finally retry through end of dunning cycle, 3 days* apart



The transaction retry attempts on an invoice will stop after 7 transaction declines from the payment gateway, 20 total transaction attempts (including gateway unavailability), or 60 total days since the invoice creation date.



Initial transactions (at sign up) and one-time transactions do not use the same retry logic