How do I go live with taxes?

To enable our out-of-box tax collection in Recurly, follow these recommended steps. We encourage all merchants to test their tax configurations in a sandbox site before completing these steps in their production site.

  1. Determine which customer address you want to tax, the billing address or a physical address.
  2. Clean-up your existing and new customer addresses so that invoices can properly calculate tax when you are ready to go live.
  3. Confirm your own merchant address meets the basic requirements for tax calculations.
  4. Enable the tax countries and or state/provinces where you want to collect tax. This step will reveal tax options on your plan and account pages.
  5. Identify tax exempt customers and mark their account as tax exempt
  6. Edit all existing or new plans that you would like to tax to have "Tax Collected" enabled. This step will start collecting taxes on invoices for new and existing subscribers to the plan.
  7. Update your checkout pages to support tax previews.