How Do I Manage Tax Jurisdictions With Avalara?

Where you are going to tax is determined in your Avalara AvaTax account. Configure the countries, states/provinces, and any lower level jurisdictions in your Avalara AvaTax account. When you enable a jurisdiction, avalara will set a beginning date and end date. This reflects the time period where customers in that jurisdiction should be considered for taxes.

We recommend not enabling your production tax jurisdictions until you have connected your Avalara account to Recurly and have configured your Recurly site accordingly.

Avalara jurisdiction dates do not have a time stamp. This means that if you turn a jurisdiction on mid-day, any untaxed invoices in that jurisdiction from earlier in the day may run into problems if they need to be refunded. When you attempt a refund, Avalara will try to calculate taxes and Recurly will throw an error because the resulting invoice is attempting to be more than the original invoice, which we don't allow. In this special case, we suggest setting your jurisdiction beginning date one day ahead, refunding the invoice, and then setting the date back to what it was. You can submit a feature request for jurisdiction time stamps to your Avalara representative or the Avalara support team.