How do I use Gift Cards in Recurly?


Gift cards are purchased from a single gift card product that can have multiple amount options. The recipient redeems the gift card for credit towards any product or service purchase.

  • Gift card amounts can be aligned with plan price options
  • Gift cards are purchased on the gifter's account and redeemed on the recipient's own account
  • Gift cards can be redeemed when the recipient is ready to start their subscription
  • Option to not require a credit card from the recipient if gift card covers the sign-up cost
  • Gift card credits can be used to purchase any plan or product, great for existing subscribers or recipients who want a gift different than the one suggested to them
  • Recurly's Gift Cards support a fully featured gift checkout, redemption and automated emails to the gifter and recipient

Gift cards are great for every business and billing model. They offer the most flexibility to the gift recipient, both new and existing subscribers. Businesses selling digital services tend to use gift cards over gift plans because the recipient can choose when to start the time based subscription.